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Making sense of ad tech can be hard.

Ad tech is a complex ecosystem where technology and processes are constantly evolving. Our mission at AdProfs has always been to help people become more knowledgeable about advertising technology. We’ve tried to make sense of this complex industry by explaining ideas in an unbiased way, looking at events and technologies holistically, and shining a light on participants and practices when warranted.

Stop trying to keep up. Start getting ahead.

Because of the interrelated nature of ad tech, a seemingly small decision made by one organization or group can have far-reaching implications. It’s the butterfly flapping its wings. Staying on top of industry news is daunting enough, making sense of what it all means can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to.

Analysis is valuable. Insights are invaluable.

Unpacking industry news and synthesizing important themes is foundational to operating successfully in ad tech. But, understanding the deeper implications of that analysis — and turning it into actionable strategies — is what differentiates the good from the great.

AdProfs can help.

As industry operators with a decade of experience spanning advertising, publishing and ad tech, we have spent the past few years tracking, synthesizing and sharing our insights with colleagues and clients.

One of the primary goals of AdProfs is to help individuals and teams see reality in higher definition.

An AdProfs membership allows you to stay abreast of how the industry is changing, understand what it means for you and your organization, and make informed strategic decisions.

Membership includes access to our weekly industry analysis, priority email updates, private Slack workspace, and private discussion forum. Through these channels, we unpack and deep-dive the events, technologies and companies that are shaping this dynamic industry.


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